website overhaul.


I’ve been in the process of overhauling the site to use WordPress instead of joomla. These are the tasks: Import articles from Joomla to WordPress (done). Get the new WordPress to work with Gallery2. Gallery2 imbeds into wordpress (done). Gallery2 TinyMCE image chooser (complicated, currently disabled). PGV authentication software (old, needs upgrade/port) -The Management account access policy. contains the genealogical data of people both living and dead. Having an account grants access to that data. To ensure privacy protection for our members, and for the living relatives in the genealogical database, we screen all account requests. Before accounts are given out to our family Web site, we need to know a few … software and passwords

Summary:. If you want to change your password, change it in WordPress first by clicking the “Your Details” button in the left sidebar. If you prefer to use the gallery software or the genealogy software without going through joomla,  then you need to remember your passwords for both, and you will have to login to …

Want to contribute?

This Web site is a collaborative effort. We need help creating, building, and maintaining it. There are many areas you can help, here are some ideas: Use the site and report bugs/problems in the software so we know to fix them. Report content errors such as typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, etc.

Restoration of Fay Martin’s Album Complete

One of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on bringing up this site is the restoration of Fay Viosca Martin’s family album of 126 photos. In the gallery you’ll find two versions of the family album, one contains the original scans, and the other has the restored photos. Here is an example of a completed …